How to apply for Canada Immigration from UAE?

Canada Immigration from UAE

You might easily find a lot of people that want to go to another city just to explore new opportunities there. According to recent studies, it has been seen that Canada has become one of the most preferred countries where people like to move to. Even people from the United Arab Emirates are willing to go to Canada just to provide their career with the back that will be highly useful. If you want to move to Canada, so you need to take the help of the Canada immigration Sharjah consultants that know well about the whole process of moving out. 

There are different options for immigration for people from UAE. Let’s have a look at them.

  • Federal Economic class: Canada is one such country that is accepting a lot of immigrants from the economic class that is having the annual level sets to more than 200,000 in the category for the next three years. The major chunk of this category is the highly skilled people that can surely add more value to the Canadian economy. This category divides into three i.e. Federal skilled workers, Federal Skilled, trades, and Canadian Experience Class. 
  • Provincial Economic class: It is the category that includes Canadian provinces that are offering different immigration programs and jobs. The provinces will include Ontario Immigration, Alberta Immigration, British Columbia Immigration, Manitoba Immigration, Quebec Immigration, Nova Scotia Immigration, Prince Edward Island Immigration, and Newfoundland Immigration. 
  • Quebec immigration program: It is one such program offered in Canada that can provide the person with direct Canadian Permanent Resident. 
  • Business immigration: Even the Canadian Government has a law permitting the candidates that want to buy a business and move to Canada on a temporary work permit.
  • Temporary resident first program: In this program, the candidates can come to Canada temporarily and after living for years in Canada, they can further apply for permanent residence. 
  • Family class sponsorship: Even the Immigrants can apply for a visa for Canada with all of their family members in this program.

There is certain eligibility for the candidates that need to be followed for applying for a visa for Canada. Let’s have a look at them.

  • There is a requirement of a minimum of 67 points that makes the person eligible for the Canada Express entry program.
  • Good hold on the language like English and French.
  • Full-time work experience for at least 2 years
  • Sufficient funds to support the overall immigration procedure.
  • Health and character certificates
  • Education credential assessment

So if you are planning to move to Canada, you must have all these points into consideration. Although the immigration process can be lengthy if done according to the laws, the process will become smooth enough. 

Canada is one of the ideal places where the economy and the environment are great. You will easily find a lot of job opportunities here that can give a good break to your career. You can easily visit the consultants that deal in Canada visit visa from Abu Dhabi. They will guide all their clients in the best possible way.