2 line love Shayari, 1 line love Shayari in english[2022]

Two Line Love Status, 2 Line Romantic Shayari in English Font

Two Line Love Status, 2 Line Romantic Shayari in English Font

true love radha krishna quotes in hindi
We do not know how to tell the condition of the heart,
we do not know how to torture someone
like this, we want to hear their voice,
but we do not know any excuse to talk.

Two Line Love Status,

If you ask from the morning, if you do not believe, then
these heartbeats from your name in the evening.

2 line shayari to impress a girl

She said yes to my love like this,
she called my mother a mother, she said…

Two Line Love Status,

The weather is the same, the winter is the same,
the same sweet December.. Whether it is the same,
the same ginger, the same heart is a whirlwind..

What happened if I can’t get it,
I still love you unaccounted for..

I miss you a thousand times in my heart,
I love you more than you..

Two Line Love Status,

♥ A simple question was my… what is the love for you,
he stopped speaking by saying “you” my…….♥

Duriyon Se Hi Ehsaas Hota Hai Ki;
Nazdikiya Kitni Khaas Hoti He..

Two Line Love Status,

Now this discussion has become common in the gathering of the heart,
he bowed his eyes delicately and my work was done.

What is the competition with words,
the effect of the blows of the eyes is often deep,
of unrequited love..!!

2 line love Shayari, 1 line love Shayari in English

“Hide me between your mother-in-law,
if someone asks, tell me life is mine…!!!”

  • I just want so much, my heartbeat should be attached to your heart,*
  • the night of love with you that passes,
    the night remains like this every night..!!*
  • Two Line Love Status,

Your anger is also so sweet that the
heart keeps troubling you throughout the day.

A lot of love falls on her when she says crying.
I will kill a lot if you leave me.

Two Line Love Status,

Let’s auction our wishes, we
do the deal of love in general,
you make your name with us,
we give our life in your name..!

Two Line Love Status,

“Even if I am silent with you,
then things get fulfilled,
in you, on you, on you, my world is completed.”

“I have learned one thing in your love,
that without you this world has faded away.”

Two Line Love Status,

“You don’t know how to love,
I don’t know anything but love,
there are only two ways to live life,
one you don’t know, one I don’t know.”

“People ask what did you see in that? I said after seeing him,
I didn’t see anything else.

Two Line Love Status,

“My heart is one to say,
but the one to whom I have given my heart is one in a thousand.”

“Look at lighting the flame of love,
just decorate the world of the heart and see,
if you do not want to say love,
just look at us by looking at us.”

Two Line Love Status,

Gussa hone jo Mujhe
To bhi PaaS ayenge
Kyuki Bina tumhare
Raha nahi jata home.

No one can be more perfect for you than the person who can keep you happy !

I only care about you,
otherwise who smiles alone..

Two Line Love Status,

I don’t know what name people give to love…
we call your name as love…

Pure Din Mei Sabse Jayda Khushi Mujhe Tab Hothi Hai,
Jab Meri Aapse Baat Hothi Hai…

We had left our soul from your body only if we
hugged you then it was just an excuse!