The ten best soccer players

The Top 10 Bling Footy Boots list shows athletes looking to match their football boots with their cars, watches and women – sparkles, here and there!

Who wore his Bling as a badge of honor and who was Bling’s first god? Only our list can tell you which shoes add durability and richness, so get started with the bling! Arsenal’s Dixon was charged for wearing Brook’s football boots (a skill known as “football boots”), but in his first game he scored the highest when he succumbed to his guard Seaman 30 yards. . Hope it’s Bling worthy. Dixon points out that sometimes players shine in front of everyone!

Lionel Messi – Another big ball

More popular than the rest of Maranon, Messi plays for Barcelona, ​​but it is rumored that Inter have offered him a £71 million transfer, which could see him rise to 해외스포츠중계!

Stan Bowles – The Lord of Life

70-year-old Derrick, who struggled to find double support wore Goal and football boots for the 1978 Anglo-Dutch game in a tactical-bluing style.

Alan Boora – Tauaso Vintage

The 60-year-old became the first person to wear white football boots at the start of the 1970/77 season. Hummel did, but he didn’t like football. Luckily it rained all day. And the black one comes in. I didn’t like watching Hummel, the agents saw what I was doing and then I said goodbye to both of them. “

Frank Lamped – Bulag Kong!

Create a selection of Adidas Predator shoes with team name and number stitched. Unconfirmed reports suggest that means Lamprey knows the football boots he owns. We can confirm that Lombard’s story about the “L” and “R” stitches on his football boots is clearly false, as Frank knew his right and left for several months. .

Dyirbal cuisine – Blue color

In the games Cases didn’t play for Liverpool, he came in with different colored boots. After half an hour he came to make a perfect match, but he was wearing green football boots. He can easily change his hair color like a soccer ball. He pushes into the field using a Hummer H2 with the Louis Button inside.

Francesco Totti – Mr Bling

After the World Cup, Dilator designed the Maxim us Italia Gold Special Limited Edition football boot, the all-time World Cup gold winner, which, when worn, must be checked back against the window to avoid excessive glare and blindness.

George Best – Son of god Bill

He was the best player of his generation and, as a budding footballer, he set the standard for modern players in many ways. Styli’s “George Best” soccer shoes look like running shoes in white from head to toe. The champagne life and Bluing’s love of football were lost, shortening his career.

Ronaldinho – Prince of the blind

Ronaldinho wore two pairs of special football boots with eight 24-karat gold and 24-karat gold with the Nike logo. The football boots have the golden letter “R” and the number ten, the shirt worn by Ronaldinho in Barcelona, ​​while the heel is decorated with five gold stars in honor of winning the World Cup, the FIFA World Cup in Brazil.

 David Beckham – Be king

I paid him up to £600 per pair and he brought a new pair to the game. Adidas only made 723 pipes and that was it. He also has stitches on his soccer boots to improve his soccer skills.

The attitude he helps is rooted in David’s fascination with the secret culture of the East, saying, “I am very proud to wear those football boots because they make me feel special. They represent the concept of yin and yang.”

They decided to sew the names of their three children, the first, his favorite number 23 and Beckham’s signature which was published in the latest episode of Bling.