Top 25 Websites to Download Free Music

We have already talked here about some websites with which you can download YouTube videos to your PC , but if what you were looking for are the best websites to download free music to your PC or Mac, you are in the right article. After all, music weighs less and is more accessible.

With these sites, you will be able to download music so that you can store it wherever you want. Check out our list of the 25 best websites to download music to your computer! By Click Downloader

The second largest search engine on the Internet allows

you to find millions of songs and alternative versions. This means that you can download any type of music and even covers to listen to them non-stop.

In other words, ByClick Downloader gives you access to the gigantic collection, so you can download any audio you find on the platform to your computer without downloading the video. The program allows you to extract only the audio, in MP3 format.

Sound Cloud

Sound Cloud is a very popular free site and has a huge library of music that you can stream or download if you prefer.

In addition to popular artists and bands sharing their songs on the platform, you can also discover new songs from unknown singers. The website is very easy to use and usually the new song download have a very visible download button. You can access the site from the link , but if you prefer, you can also download the app on your mobile devices, giving you even more options on where to download songs.


Amend is the perfect site for anyone who likes indie music or covers of famous songs. It has a huge collection of songs (more than 500,000!) that can be listened to online or downloaded for free.

The site is available in multiple languages ​​and can be accessed via the link . You can also find it on the App Store and Google Play Store as an app.

Amazon MP3

You may already know Amazon, the gigantic online store, but what not everyone knows is that it also sells music. It is possible to purchase various songs through the site, but it also offers many songs for free.

Of course, the volume of the free songs is lower than the paid ones, but still you can find thousands of them available. You can see some of the free options via the link !

Noise Trade

Noise Trade is like a social network for musicians who want to share their songs and projects with people from all over the world.

You can find and download music for free as many times as you want on the site, but you also have the option to tip a musician of sorts if you like their work and want to support them. The NoiseTrade initiative is amazing and you can access the site through the link .