Laptop insurance: How it works

Have you dropped your expensive laptop? An accident with your computer just happened. Whether you are traveling or just sitting at home on the couch. With home contents, atta insurance, damage to your laptop is, in many cases, well insured.​

Laptop insurance or home contents insurance

A laptop is part of your household effects and insured with the household contents insurance. With Ditzo Home Contents Insurance, your computer is insured against the most sudden and unforeseen damage. For example, theft from home. So you don’t need separate laptop insurance.

Drop your laptop yourself?

The following applies to most other insurers and us: if your laptop is damaged through your own fault or reckless behavior, this is not insured as standard. For example, it is not wise to walk down the stairs with your laptop and your child in your arms. The risk of accidents is then high.

Additional insurance for mobile devices

Does your partner knock the laptop off the table? That is not insured, not even with the All-risk cover. Do you want to ensure your laptop from all sudden and unforeseen damage? So also damage from falls and bumps? Then choose the additional cover ‘ Mobile electronics. ‘ This is a smart choice if you have a lot of electrical appliances in your household, such as smartphones, laptops, or tablets.

Laptop outdoors

With our home contents insurance, your laptop is also insured in another building in the Netherlands. The condition is that your laptop is not present in this building for more than a maximum of three months in a row. A laptop that is kept in your holiday home in Zeeland all year round is therefore not insured with the household contents insurance for your home. You must take out separate household insurance for the items in your holiday home or second home.

repair laptop

Sometimes you will be reimbursed for the repair costs or current value. For example, has your laptop fallen and the screen is broken? Very annoying, but fortunately, the damage is often easy to repair. If the repair costs are lower than the value of your laptop, we will reimburse the repair. Plus the costs of any depreciation of the items. Curious in which situations you will be reimbursed the current value? You can read this in the conditions of the home contents insurance.

Maximum reimbursements

We, therefore, reimburse on the basis of new-for-old value, current market value, or repair costs. A maximum compensation applies per claim. The amount of this compensation depends on the situation in which the damage occurred.

Never underinsured

When you take out household contents insurance, we estimate the value of your household effects, so you do not have to fill in a complicated value meter, but our estimate may deviate from the actual value. With Ditzo, you don’t have to worry about that. Because with us, you are guaranteed never to be underinsured: even if the value of your household effects deviates from our estimate. Sometimes there are maximum reimbursements in the conditions or on the policy schedule; then, we reimburse up to that maximum.

Laptop and travel insurance

When you travel, you run an extra risk of damage to your laptop. If you take your laptop with you on holiday, it is wise to take out travel insurance. Your laptop and other image, sound and computer equipment are then insured up to a certain amount against damage, loss, or theft.

report damage

Is your laptop damaged or stolen? And have you taken out home contents insurance with us? Then it is wise to report the damage to us as soon as possible. In the event of theft, we ask you to report it to the police. When reporting the damage to household contents, enclose proof of declaration and a copy of the purchase receipt. Then we can handle the damage faster.