7 Tips to Become the Best Real Estate Consultant in Pakistan

The real estate business is one of the trickiest but gainful careers in Pakistan.  Being a real estate agent in Pakistan is okay but maintaining the key to being the best real estate consultant in Pakistan is a whole deal. So, here are some tips you should see:


Every aspect of life becomes successful when you are a goal setter. You need to first make and set some goals regarding the market, and your targets to achieve. Business goals are the key to success whether you are a small-scale or large-scale business.

Get a degree or a diploma

There are no institutes that offer real estate education. There is one institute in Karachi, the Pakistan Institute of Real Estate Management (PIREM), offering certificates and diplomas in real estate management and construction.

BBA or MBA degree is quite beneficial too

Getting knowledge by working with a mentor is always beneficial as it reduces the risk of mistakes. You get to know about minor details and techniques of the real estate industry as it is just not buying or selling.

A real estate broker is a freelance person who should possess business knowledge, so a business degree may be helpful. Practical experience in the field has equal weightage for a real estate agent to shine in his line.

Work in an internship program and gain experience with popular consultants like Arkaa, Granna, etc.

Then use your learnings with expertise and skills to become the best real estate consultant in Pakistan.

Your own licensed agency 

When you are sure of have gained enough knowledge about real estate consultancy, establish your own agency and work smart to achieve your goals.

Get your office at the desired location, get your name registered, and hire a highly eligible team. Here you are your own Boss now, start working!


There are so many consultants in the market but to become the best real estate consultant in Pakistan, you need to show uniqueness in your style of work. The way to predict and present things to your customers. Your work should be of a signature line that is recognized by anyone in eight seconds.


The world is evolving at an uncatchable speed, technology is the backbone of every business now. If you ask me what is the quick fix to becoming a successful broker in Pakistan, I will say Technology.

Building a relationship online with people. Mixing technologies such as smartphones, administration software, or online plan will help you accomplish your goals faster. Your everyday transactions will be smooth while keeping all data in one place. 

On the other side, clients can access you at their fingertips. If you have your own website, you will be a name in the market and the audience can reach you and get the information required.

Create Online Profile

Make your accounts officially on social media applications like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Twitter to get most of the engagements. Get yourself an SEO optimization profile with the help of a designer. Whoever will come to your profile online directory will also visit your website to check whether you are an authentic real company.

Face to Face Interactions

To stand among the best real estate consultants in Pakistan you need to develop best of the communication skills for face-to-face live interactions with your clients. Even if you are on a phone call you must put a great impact on your listener with how you talk.

Answer online queries on your social sites so the other person feels the worth of writing to you or else replace it with an automatic reply to show that you haven’t forgotten him.


It is not important what scale your business setup is. You will eventually grow after some years of failure too or else bright, profitable starting years, –– and then many brokers face downfall but you will become the best real estate consultant in Pakistan if you will follow these top tips.

 In my point of view, any broker can succeed up to a mark by staying focused using your knowledgeable skillset and learnings, and achieving your goals with determination and honesty.