Four Effective Steps for Writing a Good Thesis Statement

The thesis statement conveys the purpose of your paper and explains why it is important. It consists of three crucial elements:

  1. Topic
  2. Argument or claim
  3. Evidence

Here are four simple steps to include all these elements and write an impressive thesis statement.

  1. Choose a specific topic

Choose a topic and narrow it down to avoid broad generalisations. Put the topic in the sentence.

  • Select a related question

Now determine the question you want to investigate for the essay. Frame the question based on this information and the topic of your essay.

  • Answer the question

 You know the question that you want to address. Answer the question in the form of a statement. Do your initial research to decide how to answer the question.

  • Formulate the thesis statement

You are almost there! Tweak the initial answer and frame the thesis statement appropriately. Keep it engaging and persuasive for your readers.

Struggling to write a thesis statement? Here is a simple guide for you to get the statement right with the utmost precision. Follow these steps to write a proper statement.