Different Patterns Of Herringbone Flooring

herringbone flooring

Herringbone flooring is becoming increasingly popular among interior designers and homeowners due to its enticing design and stability. The timeless pattern can instantly perk up any room. The best part about the Oak herringbone flooring is that it can be laid in a variety of patterns, ranging from classic to square insert layouts.

The classic or traditional herringbone pattern looks alluring but if you want to get even more creative then various other patterns are there to choose from. Whether you are using solid wood or engineered wood flooring, these beautiful patterns can be created.

Patterns Of Herringbone Flooring That Are Most Attractive

Below we are mentioning a few of the most popular patterns of herringbone:

Traditional Pattern

The traditional pattern of herringbone floorboards is very popular among interior designers and homeowners alike. And why not? It looks amazing and adds elegance to any room. In the classic layout, planks are put in a zigzag pattern from end to end.

The design resembles the Herringbone fish’s skeleton. To achieve this pattern different widths and lengths of floorboards might be employed depending on one’s preferences. It is recommended to use the herringbone engineered flooring to create this pattern if your place faces a lot of moisture and temperature fluctuations instead of using solid wood.

Double Herringbone Pattern

If you want to add some drama to your home décor, you can go with a double herringbone pattern. In this type of layout, two planks are put together and that’s why it is called a double herringbone pattern. It elevates the classic style to a more contemporary design. This breathtaking layout is best suited for larger rooms.

Engineered parquet flooring can become the focus of your interiors. It has the power to capture attention. As soon as your guests enter your house, the chic flooring can grab their eyeballs. After installing it, you need to be ready to fetch amazing compliments!

Herringbone Pattern With Square Inserts

In this pattern of engineered oak herringbone flooring, a row of floorboards in the classic layout is followed by a row of squares. It looks fantastic in hallways and living rooms.

If you want to create a unique layout that can enhance the appeal of your home interiors, try exploring different patterns and find out which one will suit your space the best.

Thin & Long Herringbone Pattern

This layout can be achieved by creating a zigzag pattern using thin and long floorboards. Ideal for vast rooms, particularly commercial settings. This is a terrific design for making a statement with your flooring.

Double Dot And Dash

If you are interested in enhancing your home décor, then you can try a double dot and dash layout. In this arrangement, two square floorboards are utilised to create a unique zig zag pattern. It provides a stunning pattern that can beautify any room. It is appropriate for installing it in the entryway, living room and bedroom.

Go through the infographic to understand each herringbone layout and select the best for your home.

Different Patterns Of Herringbone Flooring