Are Keloid Scars Contagious?

Are Keloid Scars Contagious

A skin irregularity demands more from you. In addition, it requires proper treatment, action, and prevention from your side. And this only happens when you sense the danger before it becomes prominent. Scars and other skin defects become prominent and do not go away easily. However, if you try to get them covered when they begin to grow, this is where smartness lies. Many have little information of keloid scars. And we must begin with a basic introduction. 

This scar unlike most does not remain within your skin. Simply, they grow out from your skin and become prominent. This is why people often think in light of them. But people suffering from it want to find the best cure. Many medical professionals will explain how they are not dangerous and disastrous but you could also learn more about keloid scars at the Rejuvence Clinic website. However, the presence of the skin makes others feel uncomfortable. When you look past some images of keloid scars, you can feel unstable. 

What is a Keloid Scar? 

A scar that develops on the skin, from a skin issue, and extends out from it is a keloid scar. Many people fail to distinguish between their different forms. But like all skin issues, simple methods exist to differentiate. These include color, texture, strength, and size. Different methods can give you some clues to find a good solution. In essence, medical professionals declare them safe and without any precautions to undertake. However, the presence of them on the skin is bad for presentation and can trouble you while you wear clothes. 

In this light, we suggest that you must take proper actions beforehand. These include different treatments while keeping your doctor informed. However, when you find a scar that is beginning to extend from the skin, you must act quickly and fast. Quick and responsive treatment helps the most. Below, we will discuss keloid scars in detail and allow you different classifications, differentiations, and how to prevent them from developing. 


Predicting the perfect response to any medical issue requires a good knowledge of symptoms. Sometimes, we cannot decide by looking at the issue but only if the patient guides us through the symptoms. For this, we ensure that keloid scar-suffering people find it easy to consider the options. 

  • The placement of the development of these scars is important. Though they can grow at any place, earlobes, chest, cheeks, and shoulders remain the prominent parts of their growth.  
  • A raised portion from the skin that is hairless, shinier, and often lumpy. 
  • Variations in size since they result from an injury and grow into a different shape until their growth stops. 
  • The textured surface can vary from soft to thick and striking alongside being rubbery. 
  • Color difference from reddish, purplish, and brownish. This mainly depends on your skin color. 
  • Itchiness and discomfort happen to be the prime symptoms associated with any skin issue. 


There is not a single specific cause for a skin issue. But the result is from multiple sources. The same goes for keloid scars that develop from multiple sources. In essence, medical professionals do not suggest any special treatment for keloids since there is not any specific cause. However, the basics remain common. 

Collagen is responsible for curing your skin issues and scars. Its proper growth is ever necessary and you cannot decide on anything other than it. However, your body producing collagen abruptly is never good for you. And often, this result is in the form of keloid scars. 

Some common illnesses that occur on the skin causing keloid scars to include:

  • Acne
  • Insect bites
  • Body piercing 
  • Injections 
  • Hair removal 
  • Burns 
  • Minor bumps and scratches 

In short, every of the above issues states that small space developing in your skin can trigger keloid scars. 

Visiting a Doctor? 

The best practice is to head for treatment early. And we suggest keeping the practice similar to keloid scars. It is to keep irritation and itching effects at a distance. It is also to note that these scars do not pose a greater threat such as cancer. Every doctor predicts the same and keeps your nerves calm. Hence, a cure early is simple, possible, and favorable. 

Quick Facts and Factors with Keloids 

There remain some striking factors that you cannot avoid as a human. It is since some remain natural factors that trigger keloids in you. Hence, you can do your best to find a medical solution if you face these factors. 

  • Skin color 

People that have blackish or brownish skin happen to suffer more from these scars. There is no reasoning for this. 

  • History with Keloids 

People that have a family history with keloids cannot avoid them mostly. And this is a natural phenomenon likewise with every disease. 

  • Age 

If you are under 30 and above 20 years old, there is a positive chance of you developing keloids.