Why you should use  Medicine Ball for Exercise:

Medicine balls are a fitness tool that can be used in strength training exercises to help improve movement or to help improve explosiveness. They are usually made out of rubber or leather and range in size or weight. There are four main types of medicine balls: a dual grip ball, a slam ball, a soft wall ball, and a classic rubber wall. Some of the advantages of medicine balls are that they can be used in many different ways. For instance they can be thrown forcefully against a wall, which can help improve speed and power. 

They can be used in place of a free weight to perform exercises allowing for full joint range of motion, and they can also be used to help improve stability and coordination. Dual grip balls can be used similar to free weights, as you can do many of the same exercises  such as squats, or curls, or pullovers. These are also great to use for unilateral or single limb exercises such as side raise. This can actually be more challenging because the grip is not in the center of the weight like in a dumbbell. Slam balls are great for improving explosiveness, and releasing a little aggression. 

You can do traditional floor slams, side slams where you rotate to your side to slam to the ball, overhead wall slams, push wall slams where you explosively push the ball away from you to the wall, a squat and toss where you go from a squat and toss the ball up in the air, and even rotational moves where you rotate your body to throw the ball into the wall. Soft wall balls are great for developing strength, coordination and also improving cardio. You can do push tosses against a wall, squat push upward tosses , squat underhand tosses, and rotational tosses against a wall. 

Benefits of Medicine Ball:

Focus on core stabilizers:

Instead of doing planks, push ups and bridges on the ground, try subsuming the medicine ball into these moves. Because of the shaky base, this makes the moves not only more oxygenating but force you to keep your core switched on at all times. This concludes developing a stronger core, reducing any lower back issue and developing better posture in the long run.

To Build Explosive Strength:

Medicine balls are supreme for building explosive strength that is necessary for sports performance. Explosive strength is the ability to strive maximal force over a short period. You use explosive strength for jumping, throwing and kicking. 

Balance And Coordination:

If you want to improve balance and coordination just do regular medicine ball throwing exercise it will help you to improve your hand eye coordination, balance and flexibility. Medicine ball will make you able to do moves that work a whole chain of muscles and burn more calories by using more muscle mass.

Fun and versatile:

You can do a lot of fun and different moves that you can not do with traditional equipment. So mixing up and varying training form Helps you to unlock your whole body capability. You can throw it, catch it, or even balance on it. I can not find people who do not like to toss medicine balls. When people have fun they feel better and at the end they get good results.


A classic medicine ball can be used in a variety of ways such as against a wall, as weight for doing resistance training exercises, and it can be used to create instability in some  exercises like the push up, and it can also be used  to toss against a wall. Medicine ball exercises can be an important tool in the development of musculature that is important for sport performance. Medicine ball exercises can achieve angular specificity and stimulate tissues that may not be activated in exercise movements used in a typical strength and conditioning program.