What to Know Before Wintering in Florida

Florida is one of the most popular states for vacations, pulling visitors in from all around the world, yet it has an off-season where those numbers dry up.  If you live in a cooler climate and want to escape somewhere warmer, you’re not alone!

These are the top things you should know before spending your winter in Florida and why it’s still a great time! 

It Usually Doesn’t Dip Far Below Freezing

One of the best parts of being in the south in the winter is that it doesn’t often freeze, depending on where you are.  There are exceptions, of course, like if you’re in a mountainous area like the Smoky Mountains or the Appalachians, you’re far more likely to see a freeze, but as long as you’re in Florida, things stay pretty thawed out.

When it does freeze in coastal areas, it’s not for long and generally returns to warmer temperatures within a couple of days.

Fewer Crowds and Lines

If you don’t want to compete when you’re looking at Jacksonville apartments for rent, there’s no better time to look than winter!  Fewer people want to be in this beautiful state when the weather is cool since they’d rather put their money towards the summer or spring when it’s warm and sunny.

This means most attractions have short or no lines, and you don’t have to compete to do or see things you’re traveling for.

Everything’s More Affordable in the Winter

Since there’s far less competition and demand in the winter, prices often go down.  This affects everything from real estate to the cost of rides, exhibits, zoos, and more.  Of course, gas prices are usually lower in the winter as well- making road trips to Florida even more feasible for more families.

The Beaches Are Open Year Round

Most beaches are open year-round!  Although there are some private beaches that will close for the season, most public beaches allow people to enjoy the sandy shores throughout the entire year.

You might not want to swim in this chillier weather, but you can still do things like a hunt for seashells, visit one of the countless lighthouses, enjoy the views, get some exercise, and even go fishing in the winter.  The fact that there are fewer crowds makes it a much more enjoyable experience for many. 

The Nightlife Never Stops

If you’re here for the nightlife, you’re in luck!  Clubs and bars are still open and still having an incredible time in the winter.  Locals cut loose and enjoy themselves, especially if they usually avoid these parts of the state because of the crowds.

This means you can get to know the people who live here or just enjoy partying and clubbing without a million people all competing for the same space and the same bartender’s attention.  This is a dream come true for vacationers! 

Florida Is Fun All The Time!

Florida is a partying and vacation capital, and although it has a tourism off-season, that doesn’t mean it’s any less exciting!  Consider spending your next winter here.