Top 4 Best Sites To Buy Instagram Followers In Seconds

These days, everyone is on social media. This is why brands and influencers alike are racing to have the most likes and followers and get the maximum engagement on their social media accounts. The entire influencer community has seen a boom in the industry in recent times, and this can be accredited to the fact that there is money to be made there; after all, young people enjoy fame as well. 

Similarly, social media has caught the eye of many businesses. These days, if your business isn’t on social media, is it even legit – people wonder. Hence, brands spend thousands of dollars to make their social media presence stand out.

In this race to have the highest number of Instagram followers, most retweets on Twitter, and the most page likes on Facebook, if someone can get the upper hand using a shortcut then why wouldn’t they take it? 

One such shortcut is buying Instagram followers. And naturally, with this new trend comes a new business model, where you can buy Instagram followers and jump the gun. But how will you know where to buy these followers from? Well, that is where we come in. 

We have come up with a list of four of the most authentic sites to buy Instagram followers. These sites are authentic, reliable, and have safe payment methods. When buying followers

from these websites, you can be sure that the Instagram Algorithm will not compromise your Instagram account. 

Four Best Sites For Buying Instagram Followers

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1. Twicsy

Twicsy is one of the most popular sites for buying IG followers. They provide followers at a very reasonable price. Also, transactions with Twicsy will take only ten minutes of your time. Twicsy has two options of followers you can choose from; high-quality followers and premium followers, and in each category, you can get different follower packages. Twicsy claims to provide real Instagram followers and not bots that unfollow after some time from your Instagram profile. They also provide fast delivery of the followers once the transaction is done.

Twicsy has great customer support and an even better refund policy. According to their policy, if you aren’t satisfied with the delivery, Twicsy will give you a full refund. This is why they’ve been voted the best site to buy Instagram followers by US Mag, Atlanta Mag, Men’s Journal, AMNY, Brooklyn Paper, Marinji, Long Island Press & Washington City Paper. 

Their pricing is affordable; which means, you can even buy real Instagram followers for as low as $3. Since the followers you buy from Twicsy are real active followers, they won’t disappear after some time. 

It is a great option for influencers and brands to boost their Instagram game. If you want low delivery times, low prices, and great customer support, then they are a fantastic option to go for. 

2. Buzzoid

Buzzoid is another authentic website for buying IG followers. If you’re looking to increase your follower count – and increase it with real followers – then Buzzoid is great for that. They also offer two options: high-quality followers and active followers. With active followers, you get real profiles with real people. With high-quality followers, you will get Instagram profiles with pictures but no activity on the Instagram account. 

Buzzoid also has an additional feature called managed growth. 

This growth service is a more long-term feature where the followers will engage with your Instagram account, aiming to provide an authentic audience to the client. Buzzoid deals with quality Instagram followers and does not use fake accounts or bots. The platform also runs discounts and promotions from time to time, so you can watch out for those as well and save more money. 

They accept most credit cards for payment so that you can make online payments hassle-free. And like Twicsy, there is no password requirement. Buzzoid is another great and reliable option to buy IG followers with a great support team and quality service.

3. Rushmax

Rushmax is number three on our list, but it is just as good as Twicsy and Buzzoid; authentic and reliable. They also provide real Instagram followers. Fake accounts and bots are not something they deal in. Their pricing is also very reasonable; you can get high-quality followers for as low as $3. Rushmax is great for Instagram influencers and brands just starting and don’t have big budgets. 

You can expect fast Instagram growth on your Instagram page, whether you’re an influencer or a brand with Rushmax. Rushmax also provides outstanding customer support that is available 24 hours a. Overall, Rushmax is a great option for buying high-quality followers at a reasonable price. 

4. iDigic

iDigic won’t disappoint you when buying Instagram followers from them. They provide quality followers, and you can get them for as low as $5. iDigic ensures real users so that Instagram’s algorithms don’t catch your Instagram profile and flag it as not being authentic. They also ensure instant delivery after your purchase, so you won’t have to wait to see results on your Instagram page.

iDigic can deliver 500 new followers in one hour, which is amazing. They also take about one hour to process transactions, after which you will see your new followers on your Instagram account. The followers that iDigic provides aren’t by fake accounts or bots that will unfollow your IG profile after some time. iDigic is great for bulk buying of followers; they provide fast delivery and exceptional service.

So there you go, four of the best websites to buy Instagram followers from. You can trust these websites, as they are authentic and reliable. 


Q. Is buying Instagram followers safe?

A. Yes, if you buy insta followers from a reliable and authentic site, it is completely safe. Please do your research regarding a site before buying insta followers from them.

Q. Why are Instagram followers important?

A. Instagram is all about followers, likes, and comments. The more followers and engagement you have, the more people will take your insta account seriously. And the more followers you have, the more Instagram likes you’ll get.

Q. Is it possible to grow your Instagram followers without buying them?

A. Yes, it’s possible. These followers are organic followers, but they take a very long time to get. You have to constantly put out quality content for your target audience, have a hashtag strategy in place for each post, and have a lot of patience. Doing all this makes the entire process slow and is for people who aren’t looking for fast Instagram growth.

Q. Is it necessary to buy Instagram followers?

A. It is not necessary to buy Instagram followers. But whether you’re a brand or an influencer, you will want to establish your online presence and the way to do that is through social media marketing. 

Your marketing strategy will include increasing followers, likes, and comments as a brand. Buying Instagram followers will help you achieve this in a much shorter period and with the least amount of effort. And as an influencer, you’ll have to create a lot of content and post very regularly to see an increase in your followers organically, which is why buying followers is a much quicker way to excel on Instagram.

Q. What can happen to my Instagram account if I use fake Instagram followers?

A. Instagram is very strict about fake Instagram followers. And if the Instagram algorithm figures out that you’ve used fake followers, your account could be blocked. 

Final Thoughts

If you aren’t utilizing social media to your advantage in this day and age, you’re missing out. Social media tools and shortcuts must be used to achieve the marketing goals one has set for themselves or their brand. Using Instagram services is an essential part of this, and with shortcuts like these, it would be ignorant not to use them. Always remember, when buying followers, you want to buy from authentic sites because if Instagram’s algorithms figure out that you’ve breached Instagram’s terms and conditions, then your Instagram account will suffer.

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