The most engrossing online games


The following are most engrossing online games:


At the start, the cooperative MMO about pirates Sea of ​​Thieves did not cause anything but disgust, but the developers managed to put the project in order, for which they deserved the love of an audience of thousands. And even though the game was released in 2018, we set a release date for it on Steam (and this is 2020), because at that moment it became what the players were waiting for at the release.

In Sea of ​​Thieves, you will experience the life of a pirate like nowhere else – you will find sea adventures with friends, island exploration, treasure hunting , skeleton battles, hunting legendary monsters and many other activities of the era. No restrictions – you are free to do what you want, but always remember about other gamers that they can be completely unfriendly.


Funny “weirdos” jostle and try to reach the finish line among the first in the unusual battle royale Fall Guys : Ultimate Knockout, the gameplay of which will remind you of the TV show “The Big Race” or the like. Together with other players, you have to go through a series of various tests (both single and team), and in the final fight for the coveted crown.

Of interest here are the tests themselves – mainly obstacle courses that gamers go through together. They can push and grab each other, so success often depends on more than attentiveness and straight arms. But it’s fun.


Warmly received in Early Access, co-op survival sim Grounded takes you into a micro-world where insect-sized teenagers struggle to cope with the harsh environment. Well, harsh – ants , wasps and spiders take on the role of predators , and even from the leaves you can build a fairly reliable shelter.

Together, players can play through a mystical storyline or simply survive by gathering resources and food, building attractive houses, fighting insects, and exploring the familiar game world from an unusual perspective.


The VR action Iron Rebellion, unlike other games in the collection, is focus on controlling large robots – here you will find yourself in the cockpit and you can press different buttons, pull triggers and watch the operation of various systems. Unfortunately, all this will have to be not only look at, but also used in intense online duels where you need to jump, dodge projectiles and inflict retaliatory damage on the enemy.

If you wanted to play something realistic about robots, then Iron Rebellion will be delighted, though without a virtual reality helmet and motion controllers , the crazygames online will not start.


And if you’re into creativity and building, then welcome to TerraTech, a cartoony sandbox adventure where players design their combat vehicles from scratch, then explore an open world and fight each other best crazygames . Extensive libraries of building blocks, weapons, wheels, wings and other parts are available in the editor, thanks to which you can create even a tank, even a plane , even a robot.

Not only will this feature take your time – TerraTech has a single-player campaign that you can play with friends, creative modes and PvP battles, among which we recommend trying Sumo Dota 2 mmr Boosting.