How to prevent WiFi disconnections? DIY Fixes


How do you fix a WiFi disconnect?

A dropped WiFi connection at an inappropriate time is a huge buzzword for anyone at the end of a major paper, on a Zoom call, or simply watching the Ozark season finale. People have to deal with this modern inconvenience every day, sometimes for months before they do anything about it. 

You can fix this by avoiding the following reasons:

Many devices are attached

In the early days, most families had a computer or two connected. The proliferation of smartphones, iPods, smart TVs, and more has made WiFi a necessity. 

The developer and executive director of the Livestream wedding app, Lovecast, Neil Parker, says: “Which means if you have multiple devices connected, you may notice WiFi slowdowns or drops.”

Fix: Parker suggests removing unused devices from your WiFi system as the easiest fix. Changing your WiFi password is the easiest way to do this, which will lock everyone out. From there, you can allow access to certain devices. He suggested switching to the 5 GHz band (where it is less crowded) if that does not work. The 5 GHz band generally has faster connections, but it is shorter than the 2.4 GHz band, which is longer but slower. You can change your device’s brand in its settings.

It may also be helpful to temporarily disconnect your WiFi connection if you are playing games or downloading videos.

Last but not least, your connections might need to be modified. Check your speed with the speedometer first. You may have multiple devices connected to the internet speed you pay for. (Google “quick test” to find out where you can do this.) Get an urgent adjustment by calling your doctor online. Before spending money on our other treatments, however, you might want to try some others.

There is a problem with the router

WiFi failure is often caused by this, according to Aseem Kishore, founder of Help Desk Geek. Access points will face a drop-in signal until they move the device closer to the access point if they are buried in a cabinet three doors down and the device they want to connect to is at the outer limits of their signal range.

Fix: To solve the problem, place the router in a room where the most WiFi is used, or as close as possible. According to Mike Dragan, chief operating officer of the Oveit events app, the router should be lifted so there are no obstacles in the way, and placed as close to the center of the home as possible. Additionally, avoid reflective objects such as glass, mirrors, and metal, as WiFi signals will bounce off of them, he writes in an email.

The managed WIFI router manages the flow of data on the network, delivering the right information to each computer.

Interference occurs on your radio

If you’ve ever wondered why you don’t receive your wireless phone when you are next to the microwave, this is because most of us place our wireless routers near our cordless phones, Bluetooth devices, smart TVs, and all of these different signals interfere with each other. The radio interruptions are over,” says Kishore.

Fix: Changing the WiFi channel fixes the problem. Radio engineer Sam Brown emailed the OneSDR wireless technology blog, “Use a program like WiFi Analyzer to determine which WiFi channels are being used the most,”. As an alternative, consider switching to the 5 GHz band. In general, this is a very good solution for wireless networks in apartment buildings, where there can be hundreds of access points operating on the very popular 2.4 GHz channel, but relatively few on the 5 GHz channel.

Updating the air card is necessary

Drivers for electronic devices, such as printers and computers, need to be updated regularly or they will not work. Try updating the device drivers if your WiFi is low (especially if you have just one device).

Fix: This pickle should be resolved by going straight to the source, as with other technologies. To promote air-conditioning drivers, go to the manufacturer’s website and download the latest version,” advises Steve Scott, chief technology officer at Spreadsheet Planet.

Rest is necessary for the router

The device is simply penalized. No matter whether we use our phones, laptops, or any other digital gadget, we always turn them on. This quirk isn’t unique to routers, but they also need downtime from time to time!

Fix: Stewart McGrenary, director of Freedom Mobiles, suggests unplugging your router and modem for at least 30 seconds. You must connect your modem first, then turn on your router. Sometimes that is all it takes,” he says.

Your equipment needs to be replaced

The results of all resumes and resets aren’t always the same. For these instances, new technology is probably needed. According to Christen Costa, CEO of Gadget Review, old routers are becoming incompatible with newer services. 

Fix: Resetting it may work for a while. But eventually, you will need a newer router. If you rent your WiFi from your provider, check to ensure that it is up to date. This is probably the time to buy a new one if it’s yours.

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