How To Get the Best ROI From Your Pre-roll Packaging

Pre-roll Packaging

If you’re running a business, you know how important it is to get the most return on investment (ROI) out of your marketing spend. But how do you know if your brand identity has truly captured the attention of your target audience? If your marketing collateral, such as a branded pre-roll pack, has been designed to “interrupt” the consumer journey and deliver immediate brand reinforcement – you know.

One way is to consider your pre roll packaging box — an area where many brands are prone to making mistakes. We’ve put together some tips for you in this article.

What is a pre-roll?

A pre-roll is the first element of content your customer will see before they indulge in your brand’s message. It can be online, on social media or even be a TV commercial. The aim of a pre-roll is to build awareness, educate and win new customers for your product offering before it gets down to the “good stuff.”

Pre-roll packaging should support this main purpose by reinforcing key messaging on packs that are likely to be viewed on-shelf prior to purchase — not usually through choice but because they were grabbed impulsively from a shelf or display stand.

What makes good e-roll Packaging?

The best pre-packaged media will:

• Provide information/entertainment (depending on format )

• Be short and snappy: long-winded pre-rolls will reduce the chance of people watching till the end.

• Match the tone and style of your brand voice; if done well, this can be a great opportunity to enhance or build on any key brand messaging.

• Be highly visible (of course).

How should e-roll Packaging look like?

Pre-rolls need to clearly communicate both the nature and destination site to which they lead — to ensure these are featured correctly in your design. This is particularly important for video, where your brand message and website URL could be displayed across key cast members’ clothing or in an opening scene or through other branded imagery: viewers may get one chance to click play and wouldn’t want to miss such an important message as a result.

• Ensure that pre-rolls are tightly integrated into the user journey and don’t just appear out of nowhere — sometimes users may click away from a video very quickly or lose interest if they see too many adverts, for example, so ensuring this seamless slot in is key.

How much time should e-roll Packaging take?

That will vary — we recommend ranging between five and 30 seconds maximum. If the content takes longer than this to engage with viewers, you risk them losing interest and closing the window anyway; however, no viewer wants to be assaulted by advertising either, so striking the right balance is key here.

What can formats / platforms e-roll Packaging be used on?

e-roll Packaging is available for desktop, mobile and tablet environments. The technology works with all major browsers that support HTML5 technology (Chrome, Safari, Firefox) across OS platforms that support Flash (Windows 7+, OS X 10.7+, Linux). For more information, please refer to our FAQ section.

How does e-roll Packaging work?

The video adverts are designed to slot seamlessly into the content playing before it. Each advert appears at the end of this pre-video content, which can be anything from scrolling text or animated graphics through to an actual video itself — so viewers are not being stopped in their tracks here unless they choose to click away.

How can you get the most ROI from your pre-roll packaging?

Increase your brand awareness with short 5-second video advertisements for smaller yet popular audiences. Simply upload a video and add the HTML5 tag to your web page.

This article is in no way encouraging viewers to actually click on these ads — we do not endorse or recommend clicking on any type of advertising. The 100% user-initiated nature of the rollback portal means that all clicks in these “pre-roll” adverts are completely optional, and users can simply ignore them if they wish.

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What are the three key elements of an effective premium packaging design?

Premium packaging design is all about enticing the consumer, whether it be through an arresting slogan or splash of color. It needs to make the product stand out from its competitors while still maintaining quality and visual appeal.

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How can you create a sense of urgency to increase sales?

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