How the Amazon FBA Calculator Helps Sellers

It is a well-established fact that sellers choosing to sell on Amazon get access to innumerable global customers. There are two options available when signing up to be a seller on Amazon— ‘fulfilment by Amazon’ (Amazon FBA) or‘fulfilment by Merchant’ (Amazon FBM).

Amazon FBA is a great option for new sellers looking to reach a larger customer base. It takes care of shipping and customer service, leaving sellers free to focus on growing their business. However, it has various fees for order handling, outbound shipping, and more that eat into the seller’s profit margin. Therefore, it is imperative to understand the costs and calculate the profitability of products. This is where the Amazon FBA Calculator comes in.

The Amazon FBA Calculator helps calculate the right fee according to the price category, pick and pack fee, fulfilment fees, storage charges, and more. With a few clicks, sellers get a detailed list of all the costs involved. Never again do they need to rely on tedious manual calculations. Moreover, Sellers can try out different figures on the Amazon FBA Calculator to find a suitable price for their products and get the best idea about the profits they could make against each figure.