How did you get that kind of relationship?

At Hori we specialize in every type of sports program. Experience in television sports advertising. In 2015 we had a lot of coverage like the San Miguel de Remo League 2015, the 2015 Spanish Women’s Futsal Cup final or the rematch of the national team 해외축구중계사이트 League and Adecco Oro Ball.

Our experience will allow us to define some important aspects of this process and we believe it promises the best results.

Lots of cameras and speakers

 When a user sits in a stadium with thousands of people seated, his or her vision shifts from description to what is happening inside and outside the game. Our mission is to have multiple cameras (because they are less and less in air technology) that allow us to capture beautiful frames and make players, coaches and supporters unique. We get information about the athlete’s mindset and the placement of the entry in the chair. We try to use the power of myths to draw attention to ourselves. Due to Camryn’s lack of play, 27 cameras were used in all stadiums for football matches among historical opponents. A similar thing happens with microphone numbers. We want to strengthen the universe. Which journalists and journalists, the public, teachers, judges. Around the sound and quality will help you better understand what is going on in the competition area.

Thanks for fixing them, repeat

Gestures allow viewers to take a closer look at what is going on. This is the added benefit of advertising. Repetition illuminates unusual situations, plays sports or dramatic movements, and sheds new light in times of trouble.

Thanks to the fast-moving camera and digital retouching system (digital retouching technology) it is possible to restore any system slowly. Ripley, and sometimes from a different perspective, is an essential part of any sports campaign

They loved the introduction of the audience and the players, but that was what we were looking for, and their home content was shaken by the fan feeling.