Farmhouse Decor and wall art

Wall art has always been a special branch in the art industry for ages which has always been a blessing for most homes. People now use all kinds of wall hangings to decorate not only the walls of their homes but also their kitchens, bedrooms, toilets and bathrooms. This art really adds a lot of aesthetic value to your home when you use it to make the best ideas available.

Expensive, intriguing and full of surprises, the eclectic farmhouse interior offers a free- spirited wily nature that blends different cultures and styles of design. A whimsical mix of colours and textures, rustic vintage and cutting edge speaks to your unique personality of thinking outside of the modern, simple yet extravagant, design box. Although it is free stimulus and freedom of conflicting ideas, it is the most difficult style to get right. The combination of tight tones, colours and textures, yet eye-catching, has an intricate design style interior.

Using vintage restored barn doors, each uniquely carved and coloured, residue scattered throughout the forest in its lifetime, the soft-bodied wood structure is vivid. The vibrations flow freely and the energy flows from each room like a stream of water which collects pebbles, flowers, sticks and grass in its journey.

Eclectic design is a celebration of life that can be seen on the long side boards engraved with elegant brass doors, carved peacock door armour and simple imaginary teal green circles. Balancing with nature, bringing back elements with natural symbols like restored wood and sunflowers and lotus carved cabinets, the style is highly personal and unified.

Striking a unique and eclectic home takes inspiration from vintage and modern canvas  oil paintings  that is interesting in their history. The old Brass Hope Book serves as the vintage book shelf and the coffee table was made from an ancient Indian door, the Vedas and the land of yoga. The history behind each of these individual pieces makes them unique.

The playful, eclectic living room has custom dining tables made with old barn doors, and the white walls serve as an absolute backdrop against the grassy greens, and the mauve yellow colourless chairs brighten the wood tones. Combining farmhouse and eclectic, rustic wood furniture with bright textures, the red colours in the huge cabinet work on the design itself. The mood of the house stays warm and cosy and creates magic with the wall decor of the

Buddha carved in natural wood tones.

The sculpture, engraved with a large, bold statement of the Indian God, vibrates the eclectic house with energy. The back wall has water cascading as well as the plants are strategically placed. An outward manifestation of the art self, an essential part of the eclectic design, combine oil and watercolour paintings by local artists, create fascinating old world sculptures, antique jewellery, and create an aesthetically pleasing arrangement. Your home is where you are, beautiful and free-spirited, nature loving and caring, healthy and rich, finding joy in every experience. some like famous oil painting reproduction of van gogh .