Coolnsmart Of Life And Karma

In addition to Buddhist Coolnsmart about Karma Quotes and life Coolnsmart to reflect on, in the following selection of quotes you will find sayings about karma, popular Coolnsmart and quotes from celebrities who have wanted to express the meaning of karma for them. So that you take life with philosophy and good humor!

  • Sooner or later in life, the time will come for all of us to be in that position in which we put others.
  • You must understand that you cannot control the results; you can only understand your actions.
  • If you are a very bad person, you will come back to life as a fly and eat shit.
  • The rule is very simple: every experience is repeated or suffered until you experience it properly.
  • Every dog ​​has his day.
  • One day, when they ask me what is the key to my success, I will simply say: good karma.
  • Those who are waiting for your fall are only concentrating negative energy.
  • I thirst for revenge, but I don’t want to alter my karma.
  • As long as karma exists, the world will change. Karma will always have to be dealt with.
  • Every action of our life strikes a chord that will vibrate for all eternity.
  • Sometimes all you can do when you get what you deserve is say, “Okay, karma, I got it.”
  • Do not forget my words: one day he will receive all that he has been harvesting against him.
  • For many, blaming fate is a perfect excuse for not offering the best of oneself.
  • Leave your selfishness behind and you will be able to find peace; like water mixing with water, you will rise more complete.
  • Karma is not only about creating problems, but also about how we overcome them.
  • Many believe that karma is a punishment, but it is not. Karma is the law through which we can all be a little more human.
  • A person who has lived wisely need not even fear death.
  • No one escapes from himself.
  • Whether you believe in karma or not, few things are more satisfying than doing good.
  • We don’t find love, love finds us. What you offer to the universe will find its way back to you.
Coolnsmart Of Life And Karma
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