Build Brand Credibility Through SEO

The world we live in today is an online world. As a result, the online value of a brand can be measured in gold. So SEO becomes an essential feature of brands, social networks and website design. When your website ranks well on Google, your brand automatically rises and earns public trust. Let’s think about it this way. Reaching the front page of Google is like reaching the top of a mountain. You can get thousands of media accolades, personal endorsements, and more without paying for ads or media airtime at that location.

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SEO has a better ROI compared to traditional media advertising

If you are a small business, you can focus only on your return on investment (ROI). For traditional ads, you should expect a conversion rate of around 2% per 1,000 site visitors from paid media ads. While using SEO campaigns, the conversion rate doubles, 4% per 1,000 visitors. The only reason behind it is that Google searches are done by people looking for a specific service or product. Unlike SEO ads, media ads are seen by everyone in all fields.

SEO results take longer

Unlike traditional media campaigns, if your SEO campaign is suspended, your results will not decrease and your optimizations will continue, thus protecting your results. We may make tweaks and adjustments from time to time, but the results of a good campaign can be fruitful in the months ahead.

SEO process

Drawing on years of experience, SEOCottage is engaged in providing and consulting digital marketing strategies for hundreds of companies across the country. Our SEO service ensures that the website design is not only compatible with Google, but grows organically to our clients in just one month to ensure that they jump in Google’s rankings in the long run. Our process consists of five parts:

1. SEO audit

The first step of your SEO strategy is an SEO audit. This is the most salient part of the process for most prospects, as it provides a detailed analysis of your brand and business.

This process includes an SEO assessment consisting of:

  • Competition analysis
  • Field Authority
  • Popular keyword search ranking

During this part of the assessment, a team of SEO experts can take a closer look at and understand issues such as the amount of investment and difficulty required to achieve the goal. For example, if you are looking for SEO in Lahore and Oshawa campaigns in Pakistan, you need an adjustable process.

2. SEO strategy

After the audit, you will gain a better understanding of your website and become familiar with developing uniquely designed strategies for the success of your business. We work to bridge the gap between you and the competition by using highly competitive keywords in your niche to establish your brand’s dominance in the market. .. We identify your weaknesses and competitiveness and develop strategies to organically inject website traffic into your website.

3. SEO content

Once you lock in your strategy and upload it, SEOCottage team starts working on the website content you need to not only attract new customers, but also attract customers with compelling content. While our in-house marketing team is busy with the items, they produce 100 Google-friendly content and take care of it when it attracts the target audience. Take a multi-channel approach, take full advantage of in-network blogs and embedded websites for cross-promotion, and initiate both on-page and off-page ranking processes.

4. SEO optimization

This part of the process focuses on building the foundation for your website. This foundation acts as a platform for reading conversion. The strategies implemented up to this point were aimed at increasing search engine rankings. Beyond this point, the strategy begins to translate additional traffic on the customer line further downstream. There are three key areas we focus on in general.

  • Landing page
  • Subpoena

Architecture support

Every website has its own needs, and whatever your needs are, you may need any or all three of these aspects. SEOCottage is for you as Pakistan’s leading SEO service provider.

5. SEO sophistication

SEO campaigns are really cool. Once set up, all it takes is minor adjustments and maintenance, reviews, reports and minor monthly changes to maintain impact. The SEO optimization process can take anything from optimizing content to optimizing the entire goal-achieving process, allowing you to change navigation, bids, forms, and strategic tracking. Monitoring software and analytics tools make it easy to identify and verify all sources of inbound website traffic and easily identify visitors from Google or social media platforms like Facebook. .. After a few days you goggled again and finally made a purchase etc.

What makes us different from all other SEO agencies?

SEOCottage is different from its competitors as it has its own ideology. We are an Islamabad based SEO Company with many years of mastery in digital media and search engine optimization techniques. Our team of digital marketing professionals is experienced in this field, has gained specialized skills over the years and is eager to assist businesses in the digital media space.

Our philosophy

At SEOCottage we want to keep it simple. Every job is unique and so are you. That’s why every business needs its own set of solutions tailored to your needs. We have managed to become the best SEO agency to provide top notch SEO services in Lahore.