Tiles or Glass Bathroom Shower Walls – Which Is Better for Your Bathroom?

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Do you have a newly renovated bathroom? All the bathroom accessories have been put into place, and now you are looking to upgrade your shower area. There are several choices available for bathroom showers. However, In particular areas like walls around the shower enclosures, baths, basins need better protection from water splashes. Although tiles seem like an obvious choice, bathroom shower wall panels have become more popular in recent years. 

In this blog, we discuss the top five reasons why shower walls are better than tiles in the bathroom.

Difference Between Tiles and Glass Bathroom Shower Walls

The glass bathroom shower walls are a recent trend. It is a perfect alternative to tiles which were the most commonly used wall protection for the shower enclosures. However, with time, it was realized that a glass panel can also provide the same level of protection while being easier to install and affordable. That’s what gradually made them more popular. These are simply a wall of tempered safety glass that provides a barrier between the wall and the shower area. As a result, you can prevent the surrounding areas from getting the humidity and moisture. On the other tiles are the traditional way to do the same. However, these can be relatively expensive, and of lot of hassle to install. 

Glass Shower Panels are Easier to Install 

We are starting our list with the biggest benefit of bathroom shower walls, and that is their quick and hassle-free installation. You don’t need to have ample experience to install a glass panel. With just a saw, a carpenter’s knife, and an adhesive, you can easily fix shower walls in place. 

Use a saw to cut the shower wall according to the wall’s requirement and apply the adhesive with the help of the carpenter’s knife to the wall. Afterward, apply the shower wall firmly, and then you are all set. Whereas the tiles require a smooth and even surface to be put in place, which can prove to be laborious and time-consuming. 

Easy and Quick Maintenance 

Cleaning shower tiles requires a lot of time as dirt, grout, and mold gets accumulated in the tile grooves, which need to be scrubbed thoroughly.  On the other hand, the shower wall’s material is water-resistant and stainless, making it easy to wipe it effortlessly.  The glossy layer of the shower wall stays for a long time, making it appear brand new and shiny. Also, the wall does not have any grooves where germs can gather. That means it is easier way to avoid accumulation of mild and mildew problems. Which can a health hazard? Once it grows may become difficult to control. Moreover, it can damage your tiles as well. 

Shower Walls are Cost Effective.

Most bathroom makeovers cost a lot of money. Bathroom shower walls for shower enclosure offer a budget friendly solution by replacing tiles and providing a more realistic resolution to this issue. The tiles, on the other hand, incur additional costs of maintenance and repair. These even costs more money in comparison to the shower panel. That means if you are limited on budget, your preference should be a glass panel rather then the tiles. 

Shower Panels are Available in Various Designs.

Another advantage is that it is easier to create the type of look you want in the shower space. To match the look of your bathroom, shower walls are available in a variety of different colors and patterns. With a glossy appearance, you can give a luxurious appeal to the bathroom.  These are choices available in wooden, traditional, brick, or even tiles effect. You may find various designs of tiles too. But keeping in view their cost effectiveness and functionality, a glass panel is an obvious choice. 

Bathroom Shower Panels are Durable and Long Lasting. 

Although tiles are incredibly durable and can last for decades, the shower panels within the shower enclosure are equally durable. However, it will need proper look after and care to make it last longer. There is no maintenance required. The only care you will need is to avoid using bleaches and other strong chemicals to clean it. A simple bathroom washing liquid would work perfectly to keep it clean without discoloring them. 

The Verdict. 

Since shower panels are nonporous, these can keep the bathroom walls dry and intact, whereas the grout joints present in the tiles absorb water and cause leakage.  With shower walls installed, you don’t need to spend a vigorous amount of money on fixing water leakage. While in case of bathroom tiles, you may have to face the problem of paint and tiles peeling off over time. 

In a nutshell, shower walls are a better choice than tiles as they make your bathroom appear aesthetic and provide a practical solution to all bathroom remodeling issues.