Accessories intended for MP3 players

If your iPod has gotten tired and you are willing to throw it away, it is worth knowing that each and every one of the main substances is modular apart from the fact that everyone can be replaced in case you have a prudent security in the electronically and even go slowly, cautiously as well as delicately. In case you know what you’re doing, it takes about a minute to replace a battery or hard drive, five minutes to replace a broken display, and so maybe ten meters. to fully represent the motherboard. You can easily get spare parts for iPod on auction sites just like Aliexpress.

Here is a complete list of all the garments:

Severe disc shock absorbers (blue). Those meager bits of rubber catch on the sides of the hard drive and cushion the mishaps if you let it come to ground.

Terrible disc. It turns out a standard PCMCIA drive. Said may be a 20 GB version made by Toshiba.

Ribbon connection cable from the headphone jack and also from the “hold” button to the motherboard.

  • Headphone scene.
  • Clear plexiglass screen protector.
  • Tactile low rim report.
  • Touch rim ribbon cable cable to motherboard.

LCD monitor (watching through arrives). In the same way as the rest of the materials, in this way it connects to the motherboard with a flat connector.

Motherboard: The iPod’s motherboard contains the rumble chip as well as the memory chips.

Cable cable aspect of the motherboard to the disk violent. I have disconnected the strong disk in order to take the photo, but here is the place where it is connected normally.

Lithium ion battery. It connects to the underside of the motherboard with a simple basic new mp3 connector.

Core cord. Here it means where the iPod is plugged in to charge it apart from syncing it with the computer.

Inside a Sony

The little blue Sony player from my a different photo has less curiosity in your local. In order to start, there is no hard drive.

LCD screen.

USB cable when it comes to transferring tunes starting from a computer.

512 MB flash memory processor.

Dedicated microswitches to modify track, book, among others.

The button cell must take into account the date, time as well as etcetera settings when the substantial battery is disconnected.

Integrated circuits

 The largest of them means the substantial processor chip.

  • Cable for headphone purposes.
  • Micros witches in order to adjust the playback mode.
  • Battery connector.