Author: elenawilliams

How Has Neuropathy Affected Your Life in Different Ways?

Peripheral neuropathy can cause weakness and engorgement as well as discomfort in nerves, mostly in the feet and hands, and results from events that occur beyond the brain and spine (peripheral nerves).┬áIt may also have an effect on other bodily processes and areas like digestion, urine production, and circulation. The information that comes from your […]

Armodafinil’s Benefits on the Brain and Cognitive

What exactly does Armodafinil do in our brains? It is believed that it affects cognition-related domains. What exactly is it? Armodafinil is a drug that increases dopamine levels inside the nucleus of the accumbens by stopping the transporters of dopamine. How do we find out? Learn more about it. This is a brief explanation of the effects of Armodafinil on cognition […]

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